Mashed Libraries UK 2008

Mashed Libraries UK 2008 took place on the 27th November 2008 at Birkbeck College, London. Approximately 30 people attended.

You can see photos from the event at, and there are a number of write-ups from attendees, including:

* [ Paul Walk]
* [ Andy McGregor]
* [ Jo Alcock]
* [ Clari Hunt]
* [ Richard Wallis (Panlibus)]
* [ college term papers]
* [ Tony Hirst]
* [ Edith Speller]
* [ Chris Keene]
* [ Paul Stainthorp] (also see [ Paul’s live blog] from the day)

There is also a [ write up] available from the organiser (he may be biased) – which may contain some useful thoughts for anyone wanting to organise a similar event in the future. [ Library Journal has a piece] (thanks to Roy Tennant, who provided some advice/pointers before the event), and (William Denton) also [ mentions it]. Finally, you might enjoy the video at

The tag for the event was mashlib08 if you want to search for posts, tweets, photos etc.

With 30 years of close engagement with libraries, [ UKOLN] was pleased to sponsor Mashed Libraries UK 2008.

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