Liver and Mash

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== Introduction ==
Mashed Library UK 2010 (“Liver and Mash”) was a two day event that took place in Liverpool on May 13th & 14th 2010. Approximately 65 people attended the event.

* Thursday 13th May: OCLC Mashathon ([ timetable])
* Friday 14th May: Mashed Library: Liver and Mash ([ timetable])

The venue for the event was [ Parr St Studios], 33-45 Parr St, Liverpool, L1 4JN ([ Google Maps]).

The event blog is The tag for the event was [ mashliv] (or [ <nowiki>#mashliv</nowiki>] for tweets).

== Booking ==
The online booking form for the event is now live:
There is a booking fee of £20 (ex VAT) per day and you can attend both days or just one day.

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