Organise a Mashed Library event

There is no specific structure to a Mashed Library event. However, hopefully this page can bring together advice from those who have organised events, and point towards other useful sites, to get you started if you want to organise an event.

The first three events have been structured as one day events, roughly divided half and half between structured and unstructured activities. The structured activities have generally been talks by invited speakers or from some of the attendees (or a mixture). The unstructured activities have varied but essentially have been focussed around either mashing up some library data, or coming up with ideas and discussing possible mashups.

Basically to hold an event you need:

  • A date
  • A venue
  • Some catering
  • Some people

The venue and catering are probably the main costs associated with hosting an event. If you are inviting people to speak you may need to cover their expenses (or even pay speaking fees, although the first three events haven’t had speakers who charge to speak). The main ways of covering the costs are through sponsorship, and through a fee for the event. Costs can be kept down considerably by getting a venue for free – which is often an option at Universities.

There is some good advice for organising Barcamps which is useful what ever type of event you are planning to have.

One of the best ways of both starting, and committing to, an event is to announce it (even if you don’t have any details).

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