A good starting point is Roy Tennant’s list of library-related APIs at
There is also a list from ELAG09 at

Feel free to add to this list, or annotate any existing entries. In no particular order:

* WorldCat Search API
** Search WorldCat and receive bibliographic records for cataloged items, information about libraries that own the items and links to online catalog records when available.
* WorldCat Registry (institutions)
** WorldCat Registry Search
*** Retrieve basic information about multiple WorldCat institutions and consortia, based on profiles in the WorldCat Registry.
** WorldCat Registry Detail
*** Retrieve detailed information about a single institution or consortium, based on its profile in the WorldCat Registry.
** Retrieve a list of International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) associated with a submitted ISBN, allowing end users to review other editions of that item.
** Get information about serials, including predecessor and successor and alternate ISSNs and titles.
* OpenURL Gateway
** Direct Web users to full text and other online resources at an appropriate library based on the user’s IP address.
* Cambridge University Library API Gateway
** Cambridge University Library has begun to document and where possible make publically available its API’s. The site is very much in ‘beta mode’ but all comments and suggestions are welcome!
* Registry of Copyright Evidence
* DLF / OCLC Registry of Digital Masters
* Talis Ukbib store:
** Ukbib harry potter search:…
** Holdings augment:…
** Images augment:…
** Wikipedia augment:…
** Note: to check out the services available on a store just enter it’s base URI eg:
* Guardian Open Platform:
* Guardian Data Store:
* LibraryThing APIs:
* TicTocs – (journal table of contents information via RSS)
** TicToCs service
** File of all TicToCs data
** OPML feeds for Journal feeds from TicToCs
* University of Huddersfield data:
** JISC MOSAIC Usage data api
** Usage data api
* – museum object data
* Museum mashup sources
* Jabbr – deciphers journal title abbreviations
* Amazon Product Advertising API –
* Sherpa/Romeo API (publisher self-archiving/OA policies) –
* National Széchényi Library as linked data –
* Libris (Swedish National Catalogue) as linked data –
* Ghent University Academic Bibliography (Institutional repository) as linked data –

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